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ER307 is a manganese-austenitic Stainless steel grade that is suitable where high standards of toughness and crack resistance have to especially meet. It is suitable for MIG/TIG/SA welding. The high silicon grade gives improved weld flow and weldability for smoother weld beads. Stainless Steel ER 307 Filler Wire is used for joining and surfacing applications involving welding for cladding of hardenable steels, armour plate, austenitic stainless, manganese wear steels and heat-resisting steels up to 1560 degrees F (850 degrees C).


Stainless steel ER307 welding wire is particularly suitable for hard-facing hot work steel, stainless valve steel, and carbon steel items that must possess abrasion resistance to corrosion. ER307 SS Welding Wire exhibits good ductility and resistance to cracking in a wide range of situations. SS ER 307 Filler Wire has good properties over service temperatures ranging from -50 degrees C up to 500 degrees C, with good scaling resistance.


Stainless steel 307 filler wire is also used for dissimilar steels such as austenitic manganese steels to carbon steel forgings and castings. Weld deposits are porosity-free, crack, and corrosion-resistant. SS 307 filler wire is used in applications like crane wheels, rails, railway crossings, springs, crushing equipment, and so on.


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