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Stainless Steel ER316 Filler Wire comprises (BAR) balance austenitic rehabilitation, including 18% chromium, 10% nickel, and 2-3% molybdenum. It contains lower carbon than other 316 stainless steel wires and is used for welding low-carbon materials. This wire also offers excellent resistance against corrosion from marine environments and exposure to chemicals. The composition of Stainless Steel ER316 Filler Wire has been designed to offer the highest possible level of protection against the elements while providing strength and durability during its applications.

SS ER316 Filler Wire is a popular stainless steel alloy due to its impressive qualities. This wire contains 18% chromium and 8-10% nickel, which gives it a wide array of uses that range from roofing to cutlery. It has superior corrosion resistance and maintains strength at high temperatures, making it an ideal choice for welding various materials. In addition, SS ER316 Filler Wire is often used for completing delicate applications thanks to its non-magnetic and relatively low thermal expansion characteristics. Finally, this stainless steel’s heat-resistant qualities make it the perfect choice for food processing equipment, kitchen appliances and pipes carrying hot liquids.

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