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Stainless Steel Filler Wire

Stainless steel filler wire is an alloy of iron and chromium, making it highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. It also generally contains about 10-20% nickel and 5-10% molybdenum, two elements that are added to increase its strength and ductility.

Additionally, the composition may include manganese, silicon, nitrogen and carbon in trace amounts, but they play a critical role in making the steel more malleable as well as increasing its overall hardness. Its special chemical content has become a popular material of choice for fabricators who need a top-quality product with consistent results.

Stainless steel filler wire is a highly versatile material, widely employed in manufacturing and fabrication due to its impressive properties. Its high ductility allows it to be bent and moulded into complex shapes without breaking.

Additionally, it is highly resilient to corrosion and features an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, meaning that it can be safely used in applications subject to significant variations in temperature. Lastly, its aesthetic properties are also worth noting; Stainless steel filler wire is often chosen as it can be easily polished and presents a sleek, professional finish. All these qualities have rendered Stainless Steel Filler Wire a favourable option across the entire industrial landscape.

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