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UNS S30403

Many of the online manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of stainless steel UNS S30403 Flanges are available in the market that offers high quality products. Flanges are far and broadly being used for numerous mechanical purposes and it gets generally utilized to connect funnels. The stainless steel flanges are available in divergent sizes, evaluations, shapes. If you want to get a flange with appropriate shape, size and evaluation then quickly rush to the online stores and get it.


There are various sorts of steel flanges out of which some of them are mentioned here- Screwed SS 304/304 L flanges, reducing 304/304L flanges, spectacle blind 304/304L flanges, socket weld 304/304L flanges, orifice 304/304L flanges, and ring joint 304/304L flanges.


The stainless steel flanges has nr. 1.4306 and 1.4301 as Werkstoff nr and are available with 240 UNS S30403 flanges, 240 UNS S30400, ASTM A192, SS 304/304L flanges as well.



Standard- 1.4301& 304L/ 1.4306/ 304

Specifications- ANSI B16.5

Designation- SA 240/ SA 182/ A182/ A240

Class- 300#, 900#, 2500#, 150#, 400#, 1500#

Dimension- BS4504 and EN-1092

This is all about Stainless Steel UNS S30403 Flanges.

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