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UNS S43000

Stainless Steel UNS S43000 Fasteners are metal fasteners composed of chromium, nickel, and steel in various concentrations depending on the application. While their exact chemical composition may begin with 22% chromium, this can also increase to up to 26%, as well as a mix of other elements like manganese, silicon, and carbon. Its resistance to corrosion makes UNS S43000 Fasteners a strong choice for outdoor applications where strength is paramount, and rust prevention is essential. The result is an alloy that offers the strength of stainless steel but with improved durability over traditional steel alternatives, making S43000 the preferred choice for industrial applications across many industries.

SS UNS S43000 Fasteners are a popular choice among professionals due to their high resistance to corrosion and rust. Not only that, but they also demonstrate outstanding flexibility, excellent formability, strength, and durability when exposed to extreme temperatures. These fasteners have a high tensile strength of 85ksi and can be used in many applications, such as chemical processing equipment, outdoor equipment, industrial kitchens, medical technology parts, and mining industries. Stainless Steel UNS S43000 Fasteners can withstand pressure even in salty environments, making them suitable for coastal construction projects. Overall, it is one of the most preferred materials for manufacturing products that need extra strength and resistance to wear and tear over time.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel UNS S43000 Fasteners

Depending on the exact dimensions, a Stainless Steel UNS S43000 Fastener typically weighs between 0.05 oz and 0.08 oz.

A typical stainless steel fastener made of UNS S43000 has an ultimate tensile strength of around 90,000 psi.

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