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Gr S235

The structural steel Gr S235 plates are also known as European structural steel that is commonly being used in broad fabrication processes.  They have 33-kilo pound per square inch as minimum yielding strength at 16 mm and have excellent formability but we limited where weight-bearing specifications are required.  They have thickness level of 4mm to 150mm with the S235 Material grade. The yielding strength ranges from 215 Mpa to 235 Mpa. It has a typical width of 1250mm to 2500 mm. The length may range from 6000mm to 12000 mm.


You can get an elaborated range of structural steel of high tensile strength with utmost sustainability and flexibility.  They have standards as EN 10025:2004. The common carbon structural product is used in various applications because of the high level of excellent formability. Popular and renowned suppliers offer such structural steel product over a decade that is corrosion resistant and serves perfectly to the clients.


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