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Structural Steel Gr S235 Sheet Sheet

Structural steel Gr S235 is a low-carbon structural steel grade with excellent tensile strength and hardness properties. It has a very good weldability and can be cold-formed into various shapes. The composition of S235 comprises C (max 0.2%), Mn (1.4-2%), Si (0.03%-0.4%), P (max 0.045%), S(max 0.055%) as well as Nb and Ti respectively, in trace amounts making it one of the most versatile grades for constructional purpose applications such as scaffolding, bridges, or shipbuilding grade materials!


Structural Steel Gr S235 Sheet Sheet is an incredibly strong and malleable material with various uses. It can be used for construction projects, bridges, roads, and ships due to its durability and strength. The steel has excellent welding properties with good cold-forming capabilities and corrosion resistance. It also features a smooth finish, allowing easy painting or coating on the sheet's surface.

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