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Gr S275

Structural steel is construction material (standard). It is made through the specific steel grades and is formed in industry standard ranges, crosses sectionals shape. Structural steel Gr S275 plates are designed by using good mechanical properties and special compositions of chemicals that are formulated for a specific application.  The yielding strength of structural steel is measuring the minimum force that is needed in creating the permanent deformation into steel.


The S275 grade has minimum yielding strength of 36000 KSI or 275 N/mm2 at 16mm nominal thickness. The tensile strength of it relates to point wherein the deformation is occurring when a material is a stretch and pulled laterally along lengths. The tensile strength of S275 grade is 370-530MPA at non-thickness between 3 to 16mm. 


The company producing Structural steel Gr S275 plates understand how important packing of the item is. It is necessary to give full care to the packing of the item while shipping as it passes through different channels and takes time to reach the buyer. The chances could be of the item getting damaged.  The items are packed using wooden boxes, crates, pallets, carton etc to give safety and protection from the atmosphere and damaging. Thus packing must be done carefully.

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