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Gr S355

The structural steel Gr S335 plates are high strength alloy that has a minimum yielding strength of 50-kilo pound per square inch and contain several physical and chemical properties. They have standard as per ASTM A572. Careful attention should be taken while buying the structural steel as it contains substitute materials. They are used as bridge component, offshore component, in power plants, load handling, and wind tower components.


They come in an appropriate level of thickness and strength as per the requirement of the project in industry. The high-quality S335 plates perfectly meet project requirement and the supplied plate across the globe has thickness level as 6mm-30mm. The structural steel is made of specific mechanical and chemical properties with formulated chemical compositions. The minimum yielding strength of structural steel grade is 50000 Ksi at 16mm or 355 N/ mm2.


You can buy the structural steel Grade from the online stores that offer a wide variety of plates to the customers and the clients can place an order for different dimensions as per their requirement. Get best quality product as per your requirement and let that plates do their job perfectly.

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