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Structural Steel Gr S420 Sheet

Structural Steel Gr S420 Sheet is a steel sheet commonly used in construction. It has a chemical composition that includes 0.20% Carbon, 1.40-2.00% Manganese, 0.035% Phosphorus, 0.04% Sulphur and up to 0.20-0.50% Silicon, as well as other alloy elements like Copper and Nickel in small proportions.. Its combination of microstructural components offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and high durability.


Structural Steel Grade S420 Sheet is a high-strength structural steel with good weldability. Its tensile strength ranges from 520 to 670 N/mm2, making it suitable for load-bearing applications in heavy construction and building structures. It also offers exceptional corrosion resistance thanks to its chromium-manganese-nickel alloy composition and can be used in highly corrosive environments such as coastal regions.

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