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Gr S420

S420 structural steel plates are having high tensile strength low alloys. It is falling in European EN 10025: 2004 standards. EN 10025:2004 is latest new European structural steel standard and is established by the committee in Europe for both steel and iron standardization. Structural steel Gr S420 plates are manufactured as thermo mechanically and normalized rolled material. The variations of it are including S420G1+M, S420G2+M, S420G1+Q and S420G2+Q. Each single grade of structural steel is having a prefix S and it is followed by a suffix that is denoting specific requirements differences for various structural applications.


The various kinds of testing have made Structural steel Gr S420 plates of appreciating quality and high in demand. These testing are like bend test, flattening test, intergranular corrosion test, pitting resistance test, impact test, and radiography test, chemical and mechanical test. Also, the testing like dye penetrant test, ultrasonic test, macro, and micro test, hydrostatic test, eddy current test has made it of good quality. No doubt the plates can be easily fit in the application and assures ductility, durability, weldability, machinability etc.

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