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Gr S460

The structural steel grades Gr S460 plates are used in various applications as a constructing material and are manufactured with specific mechanical and chemical compositions. The industrial companies regulate the shape, storage, size and strength of the structural steel. They comply with European EN 10025 standard for building constructions. They are manufactured especially for harsh conditions.


The standards such as the size, chemical compositions, strength, shapes, and storage particles are regulated by the industrialized countries. The sections are seam-welded and made from flat plates so as to bent plates. They have numerous advantages and are used in multi-story buildings to balance cost and provide optimum results.


It has better weldability and requires less welding substance. It has 10-30% weight reduction and minimum yielding capacity is 65-kilo pound square inch. The specifications such as width, thickness and length can vary depending on the purpose. It has the finest level of physical and chemical properties that provide the plate’s utmost strength and capacity. You can buy the plates from a trusted and renowned supplier and manufacture. At the online stores, you will get a wide variety of plates with different specifications and qualities. You can pick the plate which suits your needs best.

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