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The Super Duplex 2507 Flanges are high strength flanges that are designed for applications in highly corrosive environments. These flanges contain high amounts of chromium and molybdenum, which results in outstanding corrosion resistance of these flanges. The Super Duplex 2507 flanges are also resistant to chloride pitting. Suggested for applications under the temperature of 600°F, these flanges are also resistant to stress corrosion cracking. The Super Duplex 2507 Flanges also show high levels of weldability and workability. They are relatively low weighted. They show a tensile strength of 116 ksi and a yield strength of 80 ksi.

The Super Duplex 2507 Flanges show a low rate of thermal expansion, hence they are reliable for applications in elevated temperatures. These flanges are highly alloyed, hence they show combined properties of both austenitic and Ferritic structure. High formability enables them to be structured into various flange faces and flange types. The Super Duplex 2507 Flanges are used for applications in various industries. Some of the applications of these flanges are found in Chemical process pressure Piping, Desalination Equipment, heat exchangers and Flue Gas Scrubbing Equipment. These flanges are also used for various applications in the Marine industry. They are used for Offshore Oil production/technology. The Super Duplex 2507 Flanges are also used in Pulp & Paper Mill Equipment.

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