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The lots of leading stainless steel manufacturers, suppliers and exporters are providing the specialized super duplex stainless steel 2507 washer for the various industrial applications. It mainly aims for the different applications which require the amazing potency and corrosion resistance. This washer product contains the lower thermal expansion and as well as the soaring mechanical power only due to its duplex structure. In additional, it should be restricted to the different functions lower than 316 degree Celsius. It is generally known as the stainless steel spring washer used in the gas and oil industry machinery, chemical process industry, off shore podiums, piping, heat exchangers, desalination plants, vessels and more.


Its specification includes BS, IS and ASTM with the standards of ASME/ASTM – A/SA F53. You can find this super duplex washer with the stainless steel material actually in the size of 3 mm to 200 mm and length of M02 to M30. When it comes to the mechanical properties of this 32750 alloy washer, they include yield strength – 550 over 0.2 % proof (MPa) min, tensile strength – 795 (MPa) min, elongation – 15 % in 50 mm and hardness – 32 max Rockwell C (HR C).

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