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Super Duplex Steel Coil

Super Duplex Steel Coil is a high-end stainless steel alloy composed of 25% chromium, 7% nickel and 3.6-4.1% molybdenum, along with other elements such as nitrogen, iron and manganese. This combination provides excellent corrosion resistance in both aqueous and high-temperature applications, making it suitable for many industries, including oil & gas production, chemical processing and desalination plants. It also exhibits great mechanical strength due to its high molybdenum content, which makes it ideal for use in pumps, valves and marine environments where exposure to salt water can be expected.

Super Duplex Steel Coil is a type of stainless steel alloy with superior strength and corrosion resistance properties compared to other standard stainless steels. This makes it ideal for applications in highly corrosive environments, especially when exposed to salt water or acidic solutions. It also has higher creep and fatigue strength, making it suitable for applications in oil and gas pipelines, heat exchangers, seawater desalination plants and deepwater offshore structures.

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