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DIN 1.4410

Super Duplex Stainless Steel DIN 1.4410 Electrodes are featured by higher contents of nickel, chrome, and molybdenum which in turn boosted rust resistance. Actually, the super duplex stainless steel is designed for applications in hoisted chloride environments. It also has high mechanical strength along with the low thermal expansion just because of its duplex structure. It is used in various applications such as oil and gas industry, valve parts, paper and pulp industry, propeller and pump shafting, chemical industry, chemical industry, sea water systems and so on. Moreover, it has a certificate of various labs which make sure its 100% originality and long functional life. The product can be easily manufactured as well as fabricated.


It includes different sizes, length, and thickness so that customers can meet their requirements. Because of these mentioned above features, it is being highly used in industrial sectors. It is catered with various finishing treatment and surface conditions to the customers. It can be used for a long time without any trouble and give maintenance to it. So what are you waiting for? Avail its advantages today at the justifiable rates.



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