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DIN 1.4410

If you planning to buy Super duplex stainless steel DIN 1.4410 forged fittings, you are making the right decisions. This item is popularly known for its greater impact strength, good corrosion resistance in numerous corrosive chemicals. It is also offering pitting corrosion resistance, stress corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion cracking resistance. Addition to it, the molybdenum, chromium, and nitrogen are providing the item resistance to pitting, general corrosion. Thus buying and using it will be 100% beneficial.



The specification of it is ASME SA 182 and ASTM A 182. The size in which it is available is 1/8” NB to 4” NB in screwed threaded and socket weld. The standard of it is BS 3799, MSS SP 83, 79, 97, 95 and ASME 16.11. The class in which it is available is 9000LBS, 3000LBS, 2000LBS, and 6000LBS. The types of fitting are screwed threaded fittings and socket weld fittings.



The item is undergoing few testing like PMI test, IGC test, mechanical test, chemical test, flattening test, flaring test, macro test, micro test etc. Thus, using this item will be beneficial.

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