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Ferralium 255

Are you thinking of buying Super Duplex Stainless Steel Ferralium 255 Screw? If yes, then this is the right decision you have made because these are one of the best qualities of the screw that are manufactured using quality of raw material. The raw material used for manufacturing these screws is well tested and inspected and used in accordance with the international standard. These super duplex stainless steel screws are known best for their features like good conductivity, durability, strength, and hardness and corrosion resistance. You will get these screws in varied shapes and sizes as per your demand requirement a reputable dealer or manufacturer.


Talking about Super Duplex Stainless Steel Ferralium 255 Screw specification, it includes ASTM, ASME and ANSI standard. The size of these screws varies from 2m to 30m whereas its length varies from 3mm to 120mm. These stainless steel screws are widely used in applications like the petrochemical industry, chemical processing industry and food processing industry. Furthermore, they are inspected and tested by quality experts and approved with quality approval certificate. You will get these screws in wooden cases with proper packaging and labeling.

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