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Ferralium 255

Ferralium 255 has become cost-effective for various applications like metalworking industries, chemical, plastic, pollution control etc. Super duplex stainless steel ferralium 255 plates is called as super because it is alloyed high as compared to other ordinary stainless steel and is having the feature of corrosion resistance. It is used in those areas wherein the conventional stainless steel is at best marginal rate and inadequate. Ferralium 255 is duplex alloy with greater strength for weighting ratio with cavitations resistance and abrasion. The good ductility along with high fatigue strength has made it highly popular among the users for various applications. 


Some features of it-


The features of super duplex stainless steel ferralium 255 plates are pitting and crevice corrosion resistance. It is also resistance to superior corrosion, chloride stress corrosion cracking. It has general corrosion in several environments. The good ductility, high fatigue strength, greater strength to weight ratio has made it demandable. Also, high mechanical strength, cavitations erosion resistance, and abrasion have made it ideal among users for industrial and engineering applications.  One can buy and use it for fulfilling various requirements of application effectively.

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