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Ferralium 255

This grade of steel has higher strength than any other grade of stainless steel and offers more corrosive resistance than any other alloy due to which it is quite cost-efficient. It has high tensile strength and impact strength.


Some of the features of this grade of steel valves are:-

  • It has high resistance equivalent due to which it has high corrosive resistance.
  • It is highly ductile and malleable.
  • It also has high magnetic permeability.


What are the applications of this alloy?

The Super Duplex Stainless Steel Ferralium 255 Valves are used in oil and gas industry pumps, valves and subsea equipment. It is also used in pollution control scrubbers, precipitators, fans and pumps. It is used in bolts and fasteners and also in water and sewage treatment plants. These valves are also used in grain and vegetable processing plants, sugar cane centrifuges, copper smelting fans and pulp and paper digester blow valves.

These valves are made according to a simple design. They are tough, durable and lightweight and are the perfect choice for places like the chemical industry.

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