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Ferralium 255

When looking for the best choice of super duplex stainless steel alloy used in the different annealed and hot worked condition, super duplex stainless steel Ferralium 255 washer is the most suitable choice at all. It in fact achieves the highest strengths than most of the stainless steels and alternative options of the corrosion resistant alloys. It also offers the greater potential for reducing the weight, section size and also cost.


As this alloy product contains 25 % chromium with the significant amount of copper, this Ferralium 255 offers amazing corrosion resistance in the different varieties of the corrosive chemicals such as phosphoric, sulphuric, and nitric acid. In the sea water and some other types of the chloride containing environments, it usually provides the outstanding resistance to the crevice corrosion and pitting with the critical pitting temperature which exceeds 50 degree Celsius. It also has the impact strength and excellent ductility at both sub-zero and ambient temperatures combining with the highest resistance to the erosion, abrasion and cavitations erosion. The very lowest level of sulphur in this stainless steel washer will reduce the chance of insertions as sites for the future pitting corrosion.

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