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Super duplex steel s32750 pipes have an incredible composition of metals and alloying elements, making them an excellent choice for various applications. The blend begins with chromium, which makes up 25%, while nickel is another prominent element at 7%. The remaining balance consists of molybdenum, nitrogen, phosphorus, silicon and manganese. Altogether, these materials produce excellent corrosion resistance and outstanding strength; it even has higher pitting and crevice corrosion threshold than other grades. Its extremely low thermal expansion coefficient also adds to its impressive abilities and makes it one of the most sought-after materials by industrial designers. Super duplex s32750 is truly awe-inspiring in terms of chemical composition!

super duplex s32750 offer a combination of excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. These are also known to be superior in terms of chloride-pitting, crevice-corrosion, and erosion. Its great mechanical properties make this an ideal choice for use in areas where other types of metals may not suffice. In industries such as oil and gas, offshore technologies, petrochemical plants and chemical processors, these pipes are increasingly preferred due to their distinct characteristics and qualities. Super Duplex pipes have a lower thermal expansion coefficient than austenitic steel grades, allowing for better control when working with large-diameter welds. All these factors give it excellent end-use performance with resisting stress and strain-related issues.

FAQ's for Super Duplex Steel S32750 Pipes

The super duplex price per kg Products Is ₹450 To ₹600 Per Kilogram.

Super Duplex S32750 pipes are often used in offshore industries, heat exchangers, condensers and other applications where a higher corrosion resistance is needed. They are also commonly used in oil and gas, petrochemical plants, gas production and transfer systems, and chemical process equipment.

Yes, Super Duplex S32750 pipes are available in various standard sizes ranging from ½ “NB ( Nominal Bore ) to 48” NB with wall thicknesses of 2mm – 100 mm depending on the type of application.

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