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Super Duplex Stainless Steel UNS S32760 Screw is considered to be extremely cost-effective steel which is used across many industries like the marine industry, process or chemical industries and oil and gas production. This super duplex stainless steel screw is provided in customized shapes and sizes to the respective customers. This screw is available in above 5 meters and the standard is BS, ASTM, DIN and all national or international standards. The size of it is from M 10 to M 100 and the grade is UNS NO S32760 / S32750. This is well-certified and qualitative product and belongs to stainless steel family.


This stainless steel is reached through two conditions, annealed and water quenching and then it is given machine. Not only this, it comes up with different surface finishes such as galvanized, hot dip, black paint or coating and more. Now, we talk about its packaging that is mostly done in wooden or metal cases to shield from being damaged and rusted during transit. Also, after completing its packaging, heat no, quantity no; specifications and company’s name are marked on it.

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