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Super Duplex Steel S32760 Sheet

Super Duplex Steel S32760 Sheet is a highly alloyed stainless steel designed for improved strength, corrosion resistance and performance in harsh environments. It typically contains 25-27% Chromium, 7-9% Nickel, 4-5% Molybdenum and 0.2-0.4% Copper contents, which provide better corrosion resistance than other steels like 316L grade austenitic steel. It also offers superior pitting and crevice corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, thermal conductivity, etc.


Super Duplex Steel S32760 Sheet is extensively used in various industries due to its outstanding properties, such as excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, superior wear and tear resistance, better thermal stability, and good flexibility. It also exhibits enhanced pitting and crevice corrosion resistance compared to other duplex stainless steel alloys. It also has great weldability characteristics, making it easy to work with in fabrication projects.

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