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UNS S32760

When it comes to the super duplex stainless steel UNS S32760 washer, it will have the considerable general properties including 4 % molybdenum, 25 % chromium and also 7 % nickel. It is specifically designed for the different demanding applications that require exceptional range of corrosion resistance and strength. The popular applications include petrochemical, normal chemical process and also the seawater equipment. This UNS S32750 stainless steel has the amazing range of resistance to the chloride stress corrosion cracking, lowest coefficient of the thermal expansion and also high thermal conductivity.


In the FGD systems of the power industries, sea water piping, desalination plants, absorber towers, utility & industrial scrubber systems, and heat exchangers are some of the most popular applications of this stainless steel washer. As this stainless steel contains the duplex structure, it provides excellent resistance to the SCC which is chloride stress corrosion cracking. Similarly, it contains only the lower amount of carbon content, thus it greatly reduces a risk of carbide fall at the grain boundaries while the heat treatment. S32750 is specifically useful in the gas and offshore applications.

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