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Zeron 100

Super Duplex Stainless Steel Zeron 100 Forged Fittings are supplied with the top-notch quality stainless steel. They are cost effective stainless steel forged fittings which are designed to cope up with the harsh as well as aggressive atmospheres. Their outstanding performance can introduce with the wide range of applications and demonstrate effective resistance to corrosion cracking under hot seawater conditions with superb pitting. Due to these features, these super duplex forged fittings have become one of the most famous desires and choice widely across many industries. This product comes with Variety of shapes, sizes, dimensions, classes and wall thickness. You can buy this product because at any rate along with some of their great features.


 Another thing is that these forged fittings are packed in either metal box or wooden box. These are defect-free and not getting damaged product for a decade. Even, if we keep it at any temperature can stay for a long and will not be shrinking soon. So, these are particularly made to keep them under any temperature and atmosphere. Buying them will save your money and efforts searching for other products too.

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