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Zeron 100

The Super Duplex Stainless Steel Zeron 100 Stud Bolts are made of highly alloyed super duplex stainless steel which is specifically designed to be used in very harsh environments. They comprise of 7 percent of Nickel, 3.6 percent of molybdenum and 25 percent of chromium along with tungsten and copper. These stud bolts demonstrate terrific resistance against chloride and sulphide induced stress corrosion cracking. The noteworthy feature is its impact strength when temperatures lower.


This material has exceptional resistance to corrosion in extensive range of chemical medium, they being organic or inorganic acids. The addition of copper also elevates its resistance to corrosion in many non oxidising acids like sulphuric acid in most concentration. They are also known for their resistance to corrosion fatigue and erosion corrosion than most of its counterparts.


This permutation of characteristics makes the Zeron 100 bolts the ideal choice in a wide variety of industries. A few examples include Subsea Pipe work Systems because of its resistance to chloride medium, Heat Exchangers – as it is known for its impact strength, Pressure Vessels, Flue Gas Desulfurization Equipment, Pulp and Paper and Power Generation.

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