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Zeron 100

Super duplex zeron washer is considered as the higher strength material rather than conventional austenitic stainless steel. It is offering wonderful opportunity to reduce both weight and cost. It could be widely used in lots of applications such as marine, oil, gas and paper.  Generally super duplex stainless steel zeron 100 washer is high resistant to strong alkalis and it has plenty of non oxidizing acids. It is used in the power generation, mining, desalination, chemical and pulp and paper. Different kinds of the washers are available which might vary from its shapes such as lock washer, square washer, round washer, tab washer and spherical washer.


Now a day most of the suppliers are offering this washer but you must choose perfect company based on the review. When it comes to the major application of this washer then it include gas scrubbing plants, seawater cooling devices, electrostatic precipitators and offshore process equipment. It is suitable choice to processing plants, acetic, sulphuric and phosphoric plants. You must choose only experienced and trusted supplier to get premium quality of the stainless steel washer. 

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