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Tantalum Plates

Tantalum plates have earned great respect in both the industrial and medical fields for their tough yet lightweight properties as well as their unique chemical composition. Ta205, a material composed of tantalum, is the main component of these plates. It comprises up to 99.2% elemental tantalum and small amounts of other materials such as oxides, niobium, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon. It can also contain trace amounts of impurities, including iron, sulfur or phosphorous, that do not impact its performance capabilities. To add to its impressive features, tantalum plates also possess excellent heat resistance capabilities comparable to refractory metals commonly used in high-temperature applications. All in all, tantalum plates are an ideal material choice for many industries due to their robustness and chemic stoichiometry.

Tantalum plates have become an important industrial material due to their various properties. Its higher melting point voltage and corrosion resistance make it an ideal choice for chemical components, with its extremely malleable nature allowing for superior formability in various shapes. This highly conductive material can be used in the electrical industry, whilst its inertness to acids gives it a desirable quality in the medical field, too - making it the perfect solution for both electronic and biomedical requirements. Not only is the Tantalum plate resistant to acid, but it is also non-magnetic - giving it excellent compatibility with electronically triggered devices like MRI machines. All in all, its versatility and durability make this material an invaluable asset across many industries.

FAQ's for Tantalum Plates

No, tantalum plates are corrosion-resistant and do not rust. These plates feature a passive layer on their surface which prevents oxidation and rusting.

Tantalum plates come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Standard sizes range from 0.25" to 2", with special sizes available upon request.

The Price Range For Tantalum Plates Products Is ₹55000 To ₹65000 Per Kilogram.

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