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Tantalum R05240 Bars are one of the most selling metals known for its durable leak-proof property. These grades bar are manufactured using good quality material and go through the quality check at all stages of production to ensure quality. These bare are designed with compliance with international standards and are corrosion resistance, hard and durable. Tantalum Bars also available in small quantity cut and sizes. These bars have the huge demand in many large-scale industrial purposes.



Tantalum R05240Bars have standard specifications includes national as well international brand such as ASTM B365 and ASTM F560. It is available from diameter 5 mm- 500 mm and length are customized as per specific requirement. Tantalum grades come in round sizes up to, flat, square, strip; coil sheet foil wire sizes are also available. These grades bars are Available in different shapes and forms as per customer’s requirement. Always make sure that these grades bars are tested and certified under expert’s guidance. These bars used in various applications such as laboratory equipment, used as a substitute for platinum, manufacturing of super alloys and electron beam melting.

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