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Tantalum R05240 is an alloy that is made up primarily of tantalum, aluminum, and titanium. It has a nickel-chromium-based matrix, which helps it to maintain excellent corrosion resistance and formability properties that are perfect for applications such as process equipment, piping systems and structural components. This alloy also possesses high strength at elevated temperatures and excellent weldability, making it a desirable material in many industries. Furthermore, due to its uniform final product composition, Tantalum Plates R05240 is often the preferred choice when demanding chemical compositions are needed in corrosive environments.

Tantalum R05240 Plates offer a variety of benefits for those in the manufacturing and engineering industries. This heavy-duty material is incredibly resistant to erosion and corrosion, making it ideal for many industrial applications such as storage tanks, piping systems, and chemical plants. Additionally, Tantalum plates' temperature tolerance makes them useful in high-heat environments or places that require frequent welding. These metal plates can be laser-cut and machined with precision to suit the needs of any project. Furthermore, they possess remarkable electrical insulation properties and are non-magnetic, which makes them attractive options for electronics component production. As one can see, Tantalum Plates have impressive uses and properties that make them sought after among many industries.

FAQ's for Tantalum R05240 Plates

The thickness ranges from 0.01mm to 20 mm and the width can vary from 100 mm to 2500 mm.

Tantalum R05240 Plates are often used in aerospace, chemical processing, medical and marine engineering industries as they have excellent corrosion resistance.

Price is based on the various factors, in general, it starts from INR 45000/Kg to INR 50000/Kg

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