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Do you wish to know what tantalum R05252 bars is? If not then read here, what it is! R05252 is the tantalum alloy which is basically furnished in annealed condition. It has slightly high density as well as fairly low heat capacity as compared to other alloys of the same category. The diameter of this alloy bars is 4-200m and the length is 3m or more. It is use in heat exchanger, electron beam melting, chemical industry or the oil industry.


The standards according to which it is manufactured are ASTM B365 or ASTM F560. It is 99.95 % pure and it is packed in material which are strong and do not get destroyed easily. The storage as well as transportation process of this product is done with safety. Wooden crates are mainly used to carry the material to its destination.


When you are ordering this product you have to specify quantity of product you need, item number and address.  Ordered material reaches the destination within 10-15 day.  If you want to buy tantalum R05252 bars then find reputed suppliers shop.

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