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Tantalum R05255 Sheet and Plates

Tantalum R05255 Plates are incredibly versatile, able to be used for anything from watch and eyewear components to turbine blades. This material has an impressive chemical composition, with a tantalum content of min 99.95% and 0.03% max oxygen and iron and carbon contents below 0.05%. Additionally, all products having a thickness of more than 0.003 inches require a niobium addition of no more than 0.02% and silicon additions often up to 0.10%. These parameters give R05255 Tantalum Plates unique physical properties that allow them to provide excellent corrosion resistance and strength at high temperatures.

Tantalum Plate R05255  is one of the most versatile materials in production today, as it boasts a wide range of incredible uses and properties. First, it is incredibly corrosion-resistant; unlike many other metals and alloys, this tantalum plate won't erode when exposed to acidic and corrosive environments. Additionally, tantalum allows contact with the skin without any potential harm or discomfort, making it perfect for medical instrumentation. This alloy has high mechanical strength, so it can be bent into myriad shapes without breaking. Its low thermal expansion rate provides flexibility when dealing with extreme temperatures, and its light weight offers ease in handling and transporting. Overall, this plate offers extraordinary amenities that make it highly desirable in many industries, from chemical processing to aviation.

FAQ's for Tantalum R05255 Plates

Price is based on the various factors, in general, it starts from INR 40000/Kg to INR 50000/Kg

Tantalum R05255 Plates are often used in aerospace, chemical processing, medical, and marine engineering industries due to their excellent corrosion resistance and high-temperature strength.

Yes, it is relatively easy to machine and form using conventional tools thanks to its good workability properties.

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