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Tantalum R05255 Sheet and Plates

Tantalum is one of the most commonly used metals that is blue-gray in color and is very malleable. It can easily be forged, rolled, spin, punched and bend. It is heavy and uses hot processing to get different shapes and sizes. Well, if we talk about Tantalum R05255 plates, these plates are manufactured using nationally and internationally approved raw material that is well tested and inspected by quality experts. Furthermore, these tantalum plates are available in varied shapes and sizes as per the requirement and demand of customers. These plates are used in several applications that need support and strength to withstand in extreme environment and temperature.


Specification and certification

Tantalum R05255 plates cover national and international standards that include JIS, DIN, EN, AISI and ASTM B708 standards as well. The thickness of these tantalum plates varies from 0.07mm to 10mm; width of these tantalum plates varies from 30mm to 1000mm whereas the length of plates varies from 30mm to 3000mm. These tantalum plates come across various tests and inspection that proves plate’s quality and capability. Furthermore, these plates are packed in good quality of wooden cases or boxes and as per customer’s requirement and request.

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