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Tantalum R05400 Bars, made of high-purity tantalum and niobium, are highly valued for their ability to resist corrosion even in very corrosive environments. They have a melting point of 3017°C and offer excellent thermal stability. The bars come in hexagonal shapes, which makes them suitable for applications where some flexibility is desired. Denser than stainless steel, they are often used in fastening applications such as medical implants, requiring no additional support material. Additionally, Tantalum R05400 Bars often possess electrical conductivity due to their ability to hold an electrical charge when charged. This makes them ideal for electronic components and connectors. Their low magnetic permeability also adds to their use in the electronics industry.

Tantalum R05400 bars are traditionally composed of a tantalum-10% tungsten alloy. It is known for its excellent resistance to electrochemical corrosion in both acidic and alkaline media, making it a popular choice for aerospace and electrical engineering applications. This material also offers good mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, thermal stability, and the capacity to resist heating up in contact with air. It is safe to handle and can be produced in custom sizes and shapes, such as sheets or wire forms, rods, tubes, or any other required shape. With an impressive range of benefits and an optimal chemical composition of tantalum-10% tungsten alloy - R05400 Tantalum bars are an ideal choice for many industries.

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