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Tantalum R05400 bars are known for its corrosion resistant feature against the acid attck. It is like the tungsten- molybdenum refractory metal and offers valuable features. It is also defiant to attack by aqua region. The bars of this grade are very ductile as well as fabricated easily. It acts as good conductor of electricity and heat. It forms the layer of oxides over it and combats the reactions taking place with corrosive material.  The bars made from this alloy have high strength as well as high melting point.


The applications of tantalum R05400 bars are wide! They are mainly utilized in electrical component like high power resistor as well as capacitor. It can also be used to manufacture other alloys or super alloys. This alloy bar is mostly alloyed with different metals to form the carbide tools. M.P- of tantalum alloy bars is 2996?C.the thermal conductivity of this alloy is high and it is available in various size, shape and length.  Common specifications are ASTM B 365-98 or ASTM B F560-98. Other grades of this alloy are also available which have their own features.

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