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Tantalum TA1 Coil

Tantalum TA1 Coil is a type of capacitor manufactured using tantalum powder. It consists of the outer electrodes, the inner anode and cathode foil, and the electrolyte between them. The electrolyte often contains organic acid or potassium hydroxide and ionises the particles to create a conductive medium. The entire system is sealed with epoxy resin for protection against environmental contaminants like moisture or dust. The capacitance values range from 0.01 μF to 10μF, making it ideal for many applications, including audio equipment, telecommunications systems, CPUs and power supplies.

Tantalum TA1 Coil is a tantalum capacitor that stores a large amount of charge and releases it quickly. Its high dielectric strength and volumetric efficiency make it ideal for igniters, backup power sources, medical implants, line-matching transformers, and radio frequency (RF) circuits. It also features excellent stability over temperature, low leakage current, and a wide operating temperature range, making it suitable for extreme environments.

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