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DIN 3.7165

Titanium DIN 3.7165 Flanges are considered one of the high-grade quality product and using some high-end tools as well as innovative technologies, and industry set norms, the flanges are made. Experts effectively take measures in order to maintain the product quality and the product is generated under strict conditions and shipped all over the world. This flange along with the threaded center allows various watertight and powerful connections to various harsh conditions such as marine and chemical industry. The flange is also highly resistant to salt water, shock as well as erosion. It has high immune to both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres.



 The standards, it meets with such as BS, ASTM, ASME, and EN and so on and the size of the flange is ranging from ½” to 18”. The class or pressure ratings of the product such as 1500#, 150#, 900#, 2500#, PN 25, PN 16, 64 and more. It is present in different face type like ring type joint, flat face as well as the raised face.



With this, the packaging of it is done in metal or wooden pallets, to prevent from rusting and damages, during transit.

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