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DIN 3.7235

Everyone knows the strength of titanium, it is being used for the construction of the body of airplanes and used of making pipe fittings, this is the reason because of which engineers prefer these fittings for engineering applications. The Titanium DIN 3.7235 Pipe Fittings offers various properties that are prominent for industrial, engineering and for home fittings as well, some of its properties are abrasion and corrosion resistance, resists stress and crevice cracks at the time of fluctuating load. These pipe fittings are best for the chemical processing and help to transfer harsh chemicals.


The manufacturer uses only well tested crude materials for processing these fittings. As the latest technology and machinery is used the final pipe fittings attain precise dimensions and surface finish. They conduct various quality assurance tests such as mechanical test, chemical test, hardness test, radiographic test, IGC test, PMI test and for last third party ensure prominent quality. Wooden boxes, crates, pallets, cardboard box used for packaging pipe fittings to ensure none of any defected product reaches your doorstep.


Titanium DIN 3.7235 Pipe Fittings are available in standard dimensions or you can request any specific dimensions as per particular application.

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