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Titanium Electrodes

Titanium electrodes are a versatile and practical conducting material in many electrical applications. They are made of an alloy of Titanium, Nickel and Iron that is 99% pure. This composition provides excellent corrosion resistance and wearability, making them ideal for use in corrosive or abrasive environments. Additionally, titanium electrodes have excellent conductivity due to the presence of titanium ions which transport electric charge through the metal lattice structure. Furthermore, these electrodes boast high current carrying capacity due to their low resistivity attributes. As such, they are popularly used in industrial electrolysis or electrorefining processes since they are able to handle high amperage with minimal distortion.

Titanium electrodes are a powerful instrument in electrochemistry, providing high stability and excellent corrosion resistance. Commonly used for the electrochemical analysis of environmental pollutants, titanium electrodes have excellent potential for low background current, high-temperature tolerance and chemical inertia. The material of choice to initiate metal buffer layers on an electrically conductive substrate, such as glass or ceramic, demonstrate outstanding properties concerning fuel cells, electrolyzers, or sensors. Capable of being an effective reproductive surface for further plating processes with noble metals, titanium electrodes offer applications requiring advanced physical and chemical properties such as bio-compatibility and photoelectrode patterns.

FAQ's for Titanium Electrodes

Titanium electrodes are highly resistant to rust and corrosion, making them an ideal choice for applications in a wide range of environments.

Titanium electrode sizes vary depending on the application and are typically available from 0.001 inches to 1 inch in diameter.

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