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ER Ti-2 is developed for welding Titanium grade 1, 2, 3 and 4. This alloy finds his applications in the chemical industry. ERTi-2 Filler Wire is the most popular of the commercially pure grades because of its good balance of strength, formability and weldability. Titanium ERTi-2 Filler Wire is used where good corrosion resistance is required and also where it’s a good strength to weight ratio is an advantage. Titanium ERTi-2 Filler Wire is most widely used because of its good combination of strength, ductility and weldability. Typical applications of Titanium ERTi-2 Welding Wire include piping systems, vessels and heat exchangers in the petrochemical and chemical industries.


ERTi-2 Welding Wire provides good resistance to high temperatures and aggressive chemical reagents. ERTi-2 Filler Wire has a high strength to weight ratio have made it a popular alloy in the aircraft industry. ERTi-2 Welding Wire is widely used in Sporting goods (golf clubs), high-performance bicycles, competition motor-sports equipment and marine applications.


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