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Are you in need of titanium gr 1 bars? If yes, then you must go through this article! These grades of bars are one of the softest as well as ductile ones that exhibit great formability. It shows optimal ductility, cold formability along with excellent weldability, high impact toughness and strength. In addition to this, it is a perfect solution for corrosive environment and cold forming.  The cold working of this grade of bar is identical to austenitic stainless steel.


Titanium gr 1 bars are used in cryogenic vessels, airframe component, CPI equipment, heat exchangers and in pickling baskets. These bars offer high strength, increased resistance to corrosion as compared to stainless steel alloy, and so it is attractive option for the medical application.  The finishing in which these bars are available is black, bright and polished. Its length ranges from 2000-5800mm. The form in which these bars are available is square, hex, round, billet, forging and ingot.


If you are the owner of petrochemical industries, food processing industries or gas processing industries then you can make use of these bars in your industry.

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