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With the availability of modern technology, latest equipment, high quality of raw substances the producers are able to produce the marvelous quality of fasteners. Many top leading producers are available of high integrity titanium Gr 1 fasteners to perfectly meet the demands of the different kinds of industrial; and engineering critical applications.  They believe in producing bolting into an exotic material as an art form and is the thing that producer have perfected at their industry.


The titanium Gr 1 fasteners item, the range available is TiGr1 bolts, hex head screw, Hex socket head cap screw in full and half thread, Hex socket button, Hex weld nuts, Hex flange nuts etc. Titanium 1 grade is commercially pure titanium that is having softer structure; it is ductile amongst other grades. It is greatly enhanced with good corrosion resistance and also weldability.


The product quality standard specification is ASTM, ASME, DIN, JIS, IS, EN etc. The standard specification of it is ASTM B348. In forms it is available are like threading as per the gauge, Hex, round etc. You can clearly specify the application requirements to place an order for fulfilling industrial application demands. 

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