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There are many manufacturing companies are available where they export and distribute the Titanium Grade2 tube fittings where this fittings are manufactured according to the UNS R50250 standard. The tube fittings are used in the wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, paper and pulp, packaging and printing industries, energy, food, petrochemicals, marine, mining, CNG and biotechnology etc. The two ferrules in the titanium tube fittings separate the tube gripping frictions and the sealing where each ferrule is optimized for its function. The titanium fittings are available in different grades where each grade differs in the tensile strength, resistance and many more.


The titanium Gr 1 instrumentation fittings reduce the union stockholder which may considered in any application where the combination of light weight, excellent corrosion resistance and high strength at low to moderate temperature are required. The titanium fittings are used in several places where each one has a unique application because of its high tensile strength it can hold and withstand for long period of time. The titanium grade 1 tube fittings are top notch quality and find the application in many heavy industries where these fittings are manufactured using the finest technology and raw materials so hence the products always meet the highest standards.

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