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These days, the production of Titanium Gr 1 Nuts is at peak because of its various usages within industrial sectors. It said is to be a less serviceable as well as cost effective materials. It has high impact toughness, and even it is weldable and palladium, readily, nickel and molybdenum are elements added to make it. Also, because of these elements it is highly corrosion resistant and has improved features. It is a durable and reliable product and has the ability to overcome high temperatures and extreme weather conditions. It is used in the applications such as chemical equipment, food processing equipment, and so on


 The specifications of it are from BS, IS as well as ASTM. The size of it is from M 10 to M 36 whereas the length is above 5 meters. It walks through different inspections such as flattening test, flaring test, third inspection party, and so on. It is checked by the professionals to make sure its faultlessness and optimum quality. Titanium Gr 1 Nuts is carrying high tolerance conductivity as well. It can be purchased from the supplier at reasonable rates.

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