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Titanium washer is gaining more popularity because of its lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant. This kind of the washer is unique among other metals in the chemical processing industry. It is fully resistant to the solutions of the chlorates, hypochlorites, perchlorates and chlorine dioxide.  Typically titanium gr 1 washer is the best material in order to prevent seawater corrosion. Different grades of the titanium washers are available and choosing the professional supplier is necessary one to get top quality of the titanium washer. It is available in different forms such as round, square, hex and threading.


This kind of the stud bolt is strong and equally corrosion resistant. Mechanical qualities of the titanium fastener are measured by the alloying to vast numbers of the stages of nitrogen and oxygen.  If you are searching in online then you can easily find out the best fastener based on your desire. You can choose washer manufacturer as per their experience, review and quality of service. Different grades of the fasteners are available so you are recommended to pick premium quality of the fastener.

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