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Gr 12

Titanium grade 12 bolts are alloyed titanium, and though the composition may vary depending on the application, one of their main components is 90 per cent titanium and 6 per cent aluminium. This combination provides a robust, extremely corrosion-resistant solution and is suitable for various projects. Additionally, titanium offers superior strength to other materials like stainless steel and aluminium, allowing it to withstand higher torque levels while still being lightweight. Titanium grade 12 bolts are an ideal choice for applications which require durability in harsh environments where regular maintenance might be difficult or take too much time.

Titanium Gr 12 bolts are an incredibly versatile fastening item. Due to their strong corrosion and oxidation resistance, titanium bolts are ideal for industries with moisture, water and sea salt. They are lightweight yet robust enough for aerospace and automotive applications. In addition to those industries, titanium Gr 12 bolts are used for structural improvements in residential housing and commercial buildings - making them a functional choice in construction projects. Moreover, they also have a long useful life since titanium is such a strong material. All in all, Titanium Gr 12 bolts make an excellent choice when considering the fastener's quality, strength and durability in many different settings due to their range of useful properties.

FAQ's for Titanium Gr 12 Bolts

Titanium grade 12 bolts offer excellent strength and toughness, with a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 900 MPa (130 ksi). They also offer excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion and wear.

No, titanium grade 12 bolts are non-magnetic due to their lack of iron atoms.

Yes, titanium grade 12 bolts can be used in applications with temperatures up to 845°C (1550°F).

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