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Gr 12

The titanium grade 12 bolts are mainly fabricated from quality raw materials and are manufactured for long lasting work. They are extensively applicable in the fields of chemical equipment, wheelchairs, sports equipments, anchors and weaponry. They are of very high stiffness, toughness and high strength with low density combination. They are mainly classified as Aerospace titanium alloys due to their wide application in this filed.



These bolts have to be certified by PED which has to be accompanied by an extra certification of EN 10204 3.1/3.2 standards. These are available in much different quantity depending upon the type of order required, such as hot forged, cold forged or even black forged.


They are used vividly for their excellent high quality in wield ability, which is also a durable alloy for providing a great strength. They are packed with high care to avoid any damage during or after thy arte being g=fitted to their designated places. Titanium grade 12 bolts are made with all the ASTM and ASTD tests and required specifications to make them last longer and durable with a low maintenance cost.

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