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Gr 12

Titanium Gr 12 Screw is high corrosive resistance and they also consist of nickel and molybdenum. They provide you with high corrosion resistance as well as high strength. It has great mechanical properties than that of the commercially pure grade. It is being used in mildly reducing or fluctuating conditions. They are being used in commercial purity grade and have great resistance as well, there is a great strength used in lighter section as well.


Titanium has a great affinity for oxygen; they are being manufactured with great corrosion resistance materials and have temperature stability. They serve in very extreme temperature and provide you high strength as well.  The screws are widely used in industries like oil, gas under sea water and other acid based industries. They are made available to in various dimensions and metric size according to people’s requirement.  Customized size and dimensions are also made available as per the customer's demand.


Titanium Gr 12 Screw is made with the high-quality raw material that is said to be the best. They are being certified as well to gain customer satisfaction.

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