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Gr 12

Titanium screws are in general best known for its lightweight and strength. Titanium Gr 12 Stud Bolts come with such an advantage, the strength to weight ratio is remarkable. It is a lean titanium alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and higher strength compared to other grades in the family. This grade of titanium shows significant improvement over its counterparts especially in crevice corrosion in salty solutions at high temperature. They also offer excellent corrosion resistance to acids.  It also comes with an added advantage of being highly weldable. It is most suitable for applications which require both lightness and strength, especially in oil and gas industries.



They are also very popular in the chemical processing industry, as it is ideal for handling chlorine compounds in most solutions. Therefore the titanium screws are often found to be used in chlorine related industries such as pulp, paper and bleach. They are also used in desalinations plants as they are excellent at resisting corrosion in seawater, even at temperature as high as 500F.



Most fabricators accommodate user requirements and can be manufactured in the sizes required for the particular application.

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