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Titanium grade 2 bolts are composed of a distinct combination of elements - 6 per cent aluminium and 4 per cent vanadium, forming a lightweight yet strong alloy. They also include 90 per cent titanium which provides incredible strength and durability, even in extreme temperatures or high-stress situations where other metals would not withstand the pressure. The combination of these properties makes Grade 2 titanium ideal for aerospace projects, military hardware, medical implants, sports equipment and much more. These bolts are strong yet lightweight enough to be used in delicate applications; it’s no wonder they have become so popular today.

Titanium Gr 2 bolts are incredibly strong and lightweight, making them an ideal material for many applications. They are corrosion-resistant and have excellent fatigue resistance, making them much more durable than many other fasteners on the market. This makes them a great choice for any environment where dirt, moisture, or salt is present. Titanium Grade 2 bolts also offer an excellent strength-to-weight ratio compared to other metals, allowing manufacturers to reduce costs and weight in structures requiring bolting. They also provide superior protection from cracking under shock loads, meaning they can withstand greater impact than their counterparts. All these features make titanium grade 2 bolts the go-to choice for any high-endurance applications such as aerospace components, medical implants, and automotive shielding.

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Titanium gr 2 bolts Start At Rs 11/Piece To Rs 15/Piece

Titanium Grade 2 Bolts are high-strength fasteners that are commonly used in extreme chemical and temperature environments. They are frequently employed in aerospace and marine industries, as well as the medical sector.

Titanium Grade 2 Bolts are widely utilized in the aerospace industry due to their superior strength-to-weight ratio. They are also often employed in medical technologies, mining equipment and marine applications where a degree of corrosion resistance is required.

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