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Gr 2

Titanium Gr 2 bolts are designed by keeping in mind the factors like reliability, durability, weldability etc so that it could be produced of good quality. The bolts are only preferred if they are assuring to be fully resistance, durable etc. The bolts are produced by keeping national and international industry standard in mind like ASTM, ASME, JIS, DIN, and BS. It being compliance with the industries standards and popularly known for its durability and dimensional accuracy. Today these bolts have become perfect for different applications and are used widely all across the globe.


The types of titanium Gr 2 bolts available are hex head bolt, carriage bolt, flange bolt, socket cap bolt, lag bolt, elevator bolt, flange bolt. Also, bolts available are stove bolt, machine bolt, tap bolt, set screw bolt, grub screw bolt, shoulder bolt, anchor bolt, plow bolt, eye bolt etc. For fulfilling the needs of various applications these bolts are produced varying differently in shapes, length, and sizes. It is available in customizes specifications. This makes a buyer to satisfy all its demands for various uses.

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