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Gr 2

The electrode is better than grade 1 in terms of strength. It has moderate ductility. The alloy is good in corrosion resistance in both oxidizing and mild reducing environments in temperatures of up to 12000 C. The filler metal can withstand chloride bearing applications. The grade is also resistant to high temperatures, and it is also lightweight. It has excellent weldability in most positions. The rod creates good welds which retain the properties of the parent metal. The filler metal is non-magnetic and has poor electricity and heat conduction. Due to its balance in properties, this is the most common grade of titanium electrodes.


Properties of titanium Gr 2 electrodes


Mechanical- The alloy has a tensile strength of 350MPa while the yield strength is 275MPa. The elongation capacity of the filler metal is 20% in 50mm.


Chemical- The components of titanium grade 2 electrodes are titanium, iron, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon. Ti forms more than 99% of the total volume.



  • Chemical processing.
  • Petroleum refining.
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Biomedical industries.
  • Ballast water systems.
  • Hypochlorite systems.
  • Electroplating industries.

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